The New Cheer Season is Near!

We are also excited to announce that our cheer evaluations for the 2017-2018 competition cheer season are here.  Evaluations will be held this Wednesday, May 17 at Tumble-N-Roll.
We make the team evaluation process as low-stress as possible. In the sessions, the athletes work side-by- side with other athletes in their age and/or experience group. They will be given numerous chances to demonstrate skills that they have already learned. We will also teach them a very short, easy-to-learn routine that they will later show off for the staff in small groups. We will give them plenty of opportunity to warm up and practice the routines until they are comfortable with the material. We want the athletes to be relaxed, so the entire process is as much like a regular practice as possible.
Our goal is to have teams for athletes of every age, so the vast majority of athletes attending tryouts will be placed on a team. In the very unlikely event that an athlete tries out and is not selected for a team, their entire tryout fee will be refunded.  The tryout fee is our yearly membership fee that includes a t-shirt for athletes to wear to practice.
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Evaluation Flyer

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